Participant Evaluations

Evaluation of Pivotal Conversations Workshops

In anonymous written evaluations, participants — almost without exception — rate Pivotal Conversations workshops as among the best they have ever experienced. All participants have recommended that others in their organization take these workshops. A few representative comments:

This is one of the best professional training workshops I have ever attended. The facilitation was superb. I really value the feedback I received.

Very professional, useful, fun, and meaningful.

One of the best. The small group format was very effective. The learning cases kept us focused. I could look at my own behaviors, etc.

More useful because it is grounded in reality. The learnings were tangible. Most workshops do not deal with real life cases.

Evaluation of Workshop Leaders

Some representative comments about Pivotal Conversation workshop leaders:

I felt the workshop was very well facilitated. There was a very strong sense of trust that was instilled from the outset. I think this promoted a high degree of participation that otherwise might not have taken place.

He has the capacity to ‘read’ the participants and use the information in each person’s case to help them focus on particular issues. Very well done!

He was able to draw information out of the participants with a very relaxed ease. He can read your expression and tell when you need to say something, but might be afraid to do so.

He knows the material and presents it well. He is well-organized and a good conceptualizer. He gives insightful feedback and is a good facilitator. He also has a fun personality. He had good rapport with the group.