Monday, October 19th, 2020

Virtual LEADERSHIP AGILITY™ Coaching Program

[Please note: This is not the LEADERSHIP AGILITY 360 Certification Workshop. For information on that workshop, click here].

The LEADERSHIP AGILITY Coaching Program has been converted into virtual format.

Download the brochure on this program, which provides more information, including various enrollment options.

Updated approval of International Coach Federation CCEUs pending

Why Leadership Agility Coaching?

Now more than ever, organizations in all sectors need a new kind of leadership. As a leadership coach, chances are you regularly scan the landscape for new ways to update your practice to help your clients develop new levels of effectiveness.

Our in-depth original research on leadership agility builds on the “vertical development” perspective pioneered by Bill Torbert, Bob Kegan, and others. It reveals that, as leaders grow, they evolve through “levels of agility” that correspond to well-established stages of adult development. As leaders develop through these levels, they become more strategic, collaborative, and creative, and more proactive in learning from their experience.

LEADERSHIP AGILITY Coaching is a highly interactive online program for experienced coaches. Through brief inputs, lively breakout exercises, and group discussion, you will learn how to integrate this sophisticated vertical development methodology into your practice.

Program Modules

This program includes three modules, each with its own set of short workshops. Each module is a prerequisite for the one after it. (To see options for “placing out” of certain workshops, scroll down).

Foundation Module – The Leadership Agility Lens

2 workshops, 10am-12:15pm US eastern time

  • Sept 2:  Leadership Agility Model  Discuss the Leadership Agility model, robust conceptual/experiential “deep dive” exercise on agility levels, and discuss implications for coaching.
  • Sept 9:  Diagnosing Leadership Agility Levels  Group exercise diagnosing clients’ agility levels using anonymous examples, successful practices for presenting the Leadership Agility model to clients, and brief discussion of the Leadership Agility Accelerator.

Methods Module

5 workshops, 10am-12:30pm US eastern time, plus Orientation Session

  • Oct. 1: Group Orientation (begins 10am US eastern time)
  • Oct. 6:  Working with “Levels of Reflective Action”  Of all ingredients in the “secret sauce” of Leadership Agility Coaching, working with “levels of reflective action” is the most high-leverage. Large group discussions and break-out exercises on how to do this.
  • Oct. 13:  Stakeholder Agility—Expert to Achiever  Discussion of a real-life instructor case, but mostly coaching and feedback exercises working on this shift.
  • Oct. 20:  Stakeholder Agility—Achiever to Catalyst  Discussion of a real-life instructor case, but mostly coaching and feedback exercises working on this shift.
  • Oct. 27:  Context-Setting Agility  How to use specific questions to help leaders shift their context-setting from Expert to Achiever and then to Catalyst, when leading change or improving team performance. Coaching exercises and feedback.
  • Nov. 3:  Creative Agility  How to help leaders shift from Expert to Achiever and then to Catalyst in creative and analytical problem-solving. Coaching exercises and feedback using real-life teaching cases.

Coaching Clinic Module

Participants each bring a “learning case” using a simple, 1-page template. Receive in-depth feedback and get ideas for new ways to handle challenging coaching situations.

7 workshops, including Capstone, 10am-noon US eastern time

  • November 10, 17, 24, December 1, 8, 15
  • January 12: Capstone Workshop. We will reconnect, consolidate our collective learnings, and set our intentions for Leadership Agility coaching in the new year.

Program Facilitators

This program is led by ChangeWise principals, Bill Joiner and Debra Whitestone. Bill is a global thought-leader and lead author of Leadership Agility. Both have decades-long backgrounds as leadership coaches and organization development consultants, as well as doctorates from Harvard University. They have taught this program, in a variety of formats, many times.

Pricing and options for placing out

Note: After the Foundations Module, each module has as its prerequisite the previous module.

How to “place out” of some workshops

  1. Those who’ve attended Leadership Agility 360 Workshop within the past 5 years, and/or frequently use the Leadership Agility framework in their coaching practice, can skip the Foundation Module or attend these workshops for free as a refresher.
  2. Those who’ve attended our Leadership Agility Coaching Workshop within the past 5 years, can “place out” of Foundations and all but one of the Methods workshops. In this case, the Creative Agility workshop, a new offering, must be completed to attend the Coaching Clinic.


  • Foundation Module only (2 sessions):
    • Fee … $445
    • For those who “place out” of this module, no charge
  • Package: Foundations & Methods Module together (9 sessions in all)
    • Fee … $1440
    • For those who place out of the Foundation module, fee is $995.
    • For those who place out of both modules, except the Creative Agility workshop, which is new, fee is $195
  • Package: Full program … all 3 modules, including the Coaching Clinic (15 sessions in all)
    • Fee … $2435
    • For those who place out of the Foundations module, fee is $1990.
    • For those who also place out of Methods module, except the Creative Agility workshop, fee is $1190.

Download the brochure.

How to register

Please fill out the registration form below. In the first field, tell us which module(s) you’d like to attend. In the second field, tell us whether you think you place out of some workshops, based on the criteria stated above.



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If you have questions about this program, contact Debbie Whitestone