Monday, April 6th, 2020

Tutorial – “Leadership Agility Accelerator” Basics

Agile businessmanInterested in using the new ChangeWise “Leadership Agility Accelerator” with your clients? If you already have some professional coaching experience, or if you’re an experienced leadership development professional, attending this 1.5-hour live webinar/discussion is the step you need to take to get authorized to use this powerful new tool with your clients.

Scroll down for tutorial dates and times, and links to register.

What is the Leadership Agility Accelerator?

The Accelerator is a cutting-edge self-assessment and development tool. Based on the research that underlies the award-winning book, Leadership Agility (Joiner & Josephs), the Accelerator gives managers a quick, hands-on, budget-friendly way to jump-start increased agility.

More than a self-assessment, the Accelerator will also guide your clients in selecting and adopting specific leadership practices that will take their agility to a new level. They will:

  1. Identify what they’re currently trying to accomplish as a leader.
  2. Assess their current level of leadership agility.
  3. Select 1-2 best practices especially designed to increase their agility.
  4. Create an action plan for each practice, with your assistance.

If you’d like more information about the Accelerator, download a brochure below:

Fee for the Accelerator Tutorial & Application Package

The fee to attend the “Accelerator Basics” Tutorial is $199.95.

This introductory price also includes a whole package of useful materials:

  • Leadership Agility white paper
  • Complementary initial use of the Accelerator (a $89.95 value)
  • Written summary of key points in the Accelerator Basics tutorial
  • Instructions for purchasing and for using your coach dashboard
  • Guide to orienting clients to the Accelerator, including options for the action planning phase
  • Unlimited action-planning templates
  • Accelerator brochure for generating client interest

The early-bird price for the tutorial is $133.30.

Register for the “Accelerator Basics” Tutorial

  • Apr. 16 (11:00 am – 12:30 pm, US Eastern time). This tutorial is for coaches or consultants who work with managers. (Early Bird discount ends April 1.)
  • May 14 (11:00 am – 12:30 pm, US Eastern time). This tutorial is for coaches or consultants who work with managers. (Early Bird discount ends May 1.)

Your payment will reserve your registration. Once you have paid, you’ll receive what you need to do a small bit of pre-work: Reading a white paper and taking the Accelerator for a spin.

Tutorial Outline

  • The what and why of Leadership Agility
  • The Leadership Agility framework
  • Why the Accelerator is constructed as it is
  • How to orient your clients to the Accelerator
  • Options for doing the action-planning phase with your clients
  • How you can use the Accelerator with groups
  • How to navigate your online dashboard
  • How to generate interest in the Accelerator

Tutorial Leaders

The “Accelerator Basics” Tutorial is led by Bill Joiner, co-author of the book, co-developer of the Leadership Agility 360, and designer of the Leadership Agility Accelerator, and by ChangeWise principal, Debbie Whitestone. (See Principals page for bios).