A Shared Vision For An Expanding Executive Search Firm

The Opportunity

A small, successful executive search firm decided to broaden its mission and evolve into a regional, “full services” human resource consulting firm. However, the company’s owner and CEO recognized that, for this transition to succeed, the firm’s partners would need to participate in a well-designed, facilitated process for clarifying the key elements of the new mission. He also saw the opportunity to involve in this process a man he hoped to hire as the company’s new President.

The Engagement

The firm used our Shared Vision Process to develop a new mission to which all the key players were strongly committed. After several meetings with the CEO and the firm’s partners, we designed and facilitated an off-site meeting where, on the first day, the participants:

On the second day, we facilitated a meeting where participants forged agreement on the key elements of a business plan that would put the new mission into action over the coming year.

The Results

The Shared Vision Process resulted in strong commitment to a new mission for the organization rooted in the personal and professional objectives of the firm’s key players. The owner and CEO also developed a new appreciation for the value of looking at his business from the customer’s point of view.

Together, the mission and business plan provided the means for communicating the company’s new direction to its investors, customers, and employees — and for putting its new direction immediately into action. The event also catalyzed the prospective President’s decision to join the company. A seasoned management consultant himself, he said this was the most skillfully facilitated mission-development process he had ever seen.