Friday, April 23rd, 2021

Webinar: Leadership Agility as Integral Leadership

Earlier this week I had the honor of making a presentation on Leadership Agility as part of the Integral Leadership Collaborative Conference, a virtual conference sponsored by the Integral Leadership Review, Integral Leadership in Action, and others.  Check out this conference.  It features many leading-edge speakers, whose presentations can be downloaded as MP3 files.

A link to the MP3 for my presentation is provided below:

Joiner – Integral Leadership Agility 8.30.11

Among other things, this presentation covers:

  • The synthesis of stage-development frameworks underlying the Leadership Agility model
  • Key findings from the research for the book:  The approximate percentage of managers at each stage of adult development, the essence of development within and between stages, how what underlies development transforms at each new stage, the eight capacities that develop further at each new stage
  • An overview of the five levels of leadership agility
  • Key applications to date of the Leadership Agility framework:  Leadership Agility coaching; the Leadership Agility 360; the Agile Change-Leader Lab; and other leadership, team, and organization development applications
  • How leadership culture evolves through levels that parallel levels of individual leadership agility

You can follow the slides referenced in the presentation by downloading the PDF below:

Integral Leadership Agility 8.30.11

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