Saturday, November 28th, 2020

Leadership Agility and Conscious Business

Three young entrepreneurs in the Netherlands have put together an impressive, globally-broadcast series of  interviews called Wake up the Workplace.  They say, “We spent about a year planning and designing this series because we’re fascinated by the emergence of more conscious ways of doing business.  We wanted to create a space for a global conversation around the topic of conscious business with some of the world’s forefront pioneers, bringing a multitude of perspectives to the table, from theorists to consultants, from entrepreneurs to teachers.”

I was honored to be among those chosen to be interviewed for this series.  The conversation was wide-ranging, allowing us to talk about the central role that new levels of Leadership Agility can play in developing a more conscious approach to business strategy and operations.  Among other things, we talked about:

  • The research underlying Leadership Agility‘s developmental framework and the Leadership Agility 360
  • The relationship between stages of personal development and levels of leadership agility
  • The new business environment and the current evolutionary challenge that leaders, teams, and organizations face in responding to this environment
  • What the emerging (Catalyst) level of agility looks like in action, and how this differs from the way most of today’s leaders operate
  • Why developing a more flexible, balanced “power style” is essential for agile and effective leadership
  • Why reflective action lies at the heart of personal/professional development and leadership agility

This interview, which they’ve called “Expanding your Leadership Repertoire,” can be accessed below.

You can also download this interview as an MP3, as well as the other interviews conducted to date, by clicking here.

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