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Chris Argyris

November 10, 2006 by
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Image52After our article on leadership agility was published in The OD Practitioner, we had the honor of doing a book-signing at the national Organization Development Conference in San Francisco back on October 24. We had some wonderful conversations there. One of the warmest moments for me was the opportunity to present my former mentor, Chris Argyris, with an inscribed copy of the book and to congratulate him for being a recipient of the ODN’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

I studied with Chris and his close colleague Don Schon back in the late seventies and early eighties while earning my doctorate at Harvard. I learned a lot from Chris. His work is a major influence on our Pivotal Conversations programs. You can also see his influence in the sections of the book that show how leaders at different agility levels approach pivotal conversations.

Argyris was Bill Torbert’s thesis advisor when they both were at Yale. (See November 6 post). He is also a major influence in Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline. For some time now, Chris has been a Director of the Monitor Group. I’ve always thought that Organizational Learning, which he wrote with the late Don Schon, was one of his best books. My favorite book of Don’s is The Reflective Practitioner.

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