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Reader Reviews on Amazon

November 17, 2006 by
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So far, two readers have posted reviews of the book on Amazon (both 5-stars). The most recent review was posted by R. Castro, who sees the book, in part, as a fresh perspective on the work of leadership gurus Peter Senge, Stephen Covey, and Robert Greenleaf (servant leadership). The first review, by “workplace coach” Ameeta Kaul, was published on Oct. 31. She says:

“This book is a wonderful and easy read. Whoever heard of a book that imparts so much insightful and serious content in an engaging, story-driven format! In what I know is a rare achievement, it presents leadership within a developmental context and makes it accessible, acceptable, and actionable, for leaders in all walks of life. … For me, the most compelling aspect of the book lies in its clarity; its ability to explain succinctly what actually grows within us when we evolve as human beings. I am very excited about this work and look forward to having it open new doors for many of us, everywhere.”

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