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Russ Volckmann & the Integral Leadership Review

November 17, 2006 by
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Image48The Integral Leadership Review is a quarterly e-journal editted by leadership coach Russ Volckmann. The word “integral” in the title refers to a body of thought developed largely by philosopher-psychologist Ken Wilber. This body of thought focuses in part on stages of human development, but also applies the idea of levels of development to a wide variety of other fields, from sociology and anthropology to religion and spirituality. Wilber has written best sellers, including Integral Psychology. His books have been translated into at least 20 foreign languages, and his ideas have become enormously popular among a growing global network of leading-edge thinkers and change agents. However, while Wilber may currently be the dominant intellectual influence on things integral, more and more people have been contributing to this body of work.

With his electronic review, Russ Volkman has created a welcome forum for those who are interested in developing and applying an integral perspective on leadership. Russ featured our book in his October 2006 issue of the Review, noting that Leadership Agility is the world’s first integrally informed leadership book published by a major publisher.

Russ also referenced his June 2006 interview of my co-author, Stephen Josephs and myself. We particularly enjoyed his interview, because he has such a keen understanding of the conceptual underpinnings of the book. As a result, the interview contains information about the book and about our work with leaders that is not touched upon in the book itself. If you’re interested, you can read the interview by clicking on this link.

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