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Two More Reader Reviews

December 10, 2006 by
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We now have two more reader reviews on Amazon – both 5-star. On Nov. 21, Matt Brubaker posted a review saying, “Leadership Agility is an actionable framework, immediately applicable to coaching and team development work. … Readers of Ken Wilber will also find Leadership Agility to be a relevant contribution to the emerging dialogue about integral leadership.” (See Nov. 17 post).

Today, David Chow, self-described leadership “book guy,” wrote this:

I just finished reading Leadership Agility and was very impressed with the contents of the book. As a leadership development professional who tries to read everything in the field, I felt the book offered a very fresh and unique look on leadership development that helped frame many of my experiences with developing leaders. I felt the biggest contribution was showing how the “Outside-In” and “Inside-Out” dimensions of leadership development connected and changed within a leader. Because leadership development books tend to emphasize either an Outside-In (competency-based models) or Inside-Out (i.e. authentic leadership/emotional intelligence) approach, it was so rare to see such a thorough treatment of both dimensions of leadership development. Since reading it, I’ve given out several copies to my leadership development colleagues.

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