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The Agility Imperative

January 14, 2007 by
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What are the primary trends impacting your organization? What are the primary trends in your industry? Even if your company’s customers are local or regional, chances are that key trends impacting your business derive from the dynamics of the global economy. If you ask what all the trends affecting your company have in common, you’re likely to find two “deep” global trends: an accelerating pace of change and an increasing degree of interdependence and complexity. If you can think of a single important issue your business faces that doesn’t have these two deep trends “baked into” them, I’ll be surprised.

Together, accelerating change and mounting interdependence/ complexity constitute what Stephen Josephs and I call “the agility imperative:” To enjoy sustained success in this turbulent environment, organizations, teams, and leaders need to be agile. For more on this topic, see Boeing CEO McNerney on the Agility Imperative.

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