Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

Leadership Agility and Leadership for Change

For the past 9 years, I’ve served as an adjunct faculty member for an outstanding mid-career leadership development program based at Boston College: Leadership for Change. This program is the product of a remarkable collaboration between the Dept. of Sociology and the Carroll School of Management at BC. (Bill Torbert is also on the faculty and is one of the founders. See my earlier post on Torbert).

Leadership for Change is a 9-month action learning program that each year takes a cohort of 20 some-odd practicing managers through modules that focus on individual development development, teamwork, organizational change, and corporate social responsibility.

So I was honored when Leadership for Change invited me to do an interactive talk on Leadership Agility, assisted by LC alumna, Jean Tennyson. The event drew a diverse group that filled the room. We had a great conversation. When we came to the end of the scheduled time, they asked if we could continue, and we went on for another hour.

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