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Presentation: Leadership Agility as Integral Leadership

August 9, 2008 by
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Image21My presentation on Leadership Agility at the Integral Theory Conference in San Francisco. I was privileged to do one of the lead-off presentations, which allowed me to show that Leadership Agility is rooted in an Integral understanding of personal and leadership development. About 500 people attended the conference. I enjoyed making many new and interesting aquaintances.

This was my first opportunity to bring Leadership Agility to an Integral audience, and in many ways it felt like coming home, coming full circle – especially when I think about the long paper I wrote long ago in my mid-twenties, which was in many ways the forerunner of the book. Back then, the key sources of inspiration were Bill Torbert’s early work, Jane Loevinger’s first book, Ego Development, and Ken Wilber’s first book, The Spectrum of Consciousness.

I was glad to find that the conference fostered an exploration of multiple views of “Integral” and that there was a significant emphasis on practical application, especially in areas like leadership and coaching. Interesting key-notes by Roger Walsh, Suzanne Cook-Greuter, and Robb Smith.

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