Monday, May 17th, 2021

Bill Joiner’s Leadership Agility Blog

Continued writing with occasional podcasts on Leadership Agility, the research-based book on stages of personal and leadership development. This blog captures and extends the book's key ideas; shares new insights, research, and applications from client work; and shows how Leadership Agility relates to current issues.  Comments welcome!  You can also follow Bill on Twitter: @leaderagility

Presentation: Coaching with the Leadership Agility Compass

My third presentation for the Massachusetts Bay OD Learning Group, focused on how coaches can use the Leadership Agility framework and related methods to enhance their work with leaders. Whereas my first presentation for this association focused mainly on conveying the model (agility levels, 3 action arenas, 4 kinds of agility), this one was more […]

1st Leadership Agility 360 Coach Certification Workshop

Debbie Whitestone and I facilitated the first Leadership Agility 360 Coach Certification Workshop. The workshop was held at a charming conference center in Essex, Massachusetts. 20 coaches attended. Most were based the Boston area and have been tuning into the work over the past 1-2 years, but we also had coaches fly in from the […]