Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

Bill Joiner’s Leadership Agility Blog

Continued writing with occasional podcasts on Leadership Agility, the research-based book on stages of personal and leadership development. This blog captures and extends the book's key ideas; shares new insights, research, and applications from client work; and shows how Leadership Agility relates to current issues.  Comments welcome!  You can also follow Bill on Twitter: @leaderagility

Keith Johnston – Oxfam

Debbie Whitestone and I had a lovely dinner last night with Keith Johnston, the founding chair of Oxfam New Zealand and now chair of Oxfam International. As he says on his website, “I believe that as global citizens it is within our power to eliminate poverty and to confront injustice. Working with Oxfam on local, […]

Public Workshop: Leadership Agility for HR Professionals

I led a one-day version of the Agile Change Leadership Lab with Charlotte Kells, a great friend and colleague, who contributed to the original design of this workshop. This event was sponsored by NEHRA, the New England Human Resource Association, and was attended by over 20 HR professionals. As in the two-day workshop, participants focused […]

3rd Leadership Agility Coaching Group

Debbie Whitestone and I started a third Learning Group for coaches yesterday. As with the first group, this is a 6-month series for experienced coaches who want to add the Leadership Agility perspective and coaching methods to their repertoires. Building on learnings from doing two previous groups along similar lines, we’ll meet together for one […]