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Continued writing with occasional podcasts on Leadership Agility, the research-based book on stages of personal and leadership development. This blog captures and extends the book's key ideas; shares new insights, research, and applications from client work; and shows how Leadership Agility relates to current issues.  Comments welcome!  You can also follow Bill on Twitter: @leaderagility

Ed Zore’s Agility Imperative

March 15, 2007 by
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I recently came across another formulation of the Agility Imperative we describe at the beginning the book. Ed Zore, CEO of Northwestern Mutual, says, “The world is more complex and fast-moving all the time, and that isn’t going away.” Here, he succinctly captures the two powerful global forces that are triggering the need for new […]

Leadership Agility and Leadership for Change

For the past 9 years, I’ve served as an adjunct faculty member for an outstanding mid-career leadership development program based at Boston College: Leadership for Change. This program is the product of a remarkable collaboration between the Dept. of Sociology and the Carroll School of Management at BC. (Bill Torbert is also on the faculty […]