Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Coaches’ Corner

If you are an experienced internal or external leadership coach, manage an internal coaching group, or run a firm that provides coaching services, we provide a rich set of services that can help you incorporate what we’ve learned about levels of leadership agility into your coaching practice.

On this website you will find descriptions of the following services for coaches …

Leadership Agility 360 Coach Certification Process

This is the process we use to certify coaches to use the Leadership Agility 360.  For an overview of the certification process, click here.  For information about our next certification workshop, and for the registration form, click here.

Leadership Agility Coaching Workshop

Whereas the previous workshop focuses entirely on how to administer and debrief the Leadership Agility 360, this two-day workshop is about how to incorporate the Leadership Agility perspective and related methods into your existing coaching repertoire.

While brief presentations are provided, the emphasis is on creating a safe, confidential environment, where we can practice and discuss real-life coaching “cases” with which participants are currently working.

We do not have any public Leadership Agility Coaching Workshops currently scheduled.  However, we do provide in-house versions of this workshop for organizations who want to train their own coaches in this approach.

You can learn about our Leadership Agility Coaching Workshops here.

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