Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Leadership Agility Coaching Workshop

Approved by the ICF (International Coach Federation) for 12 CEUs

[Please note:  This is not the Leadership Agility 360 Certification Workshop.  For information on that workshop, click here].

In today’s world, organizations in all sectors need a new kind of leadership. As an executive coach, chances are you regularly scan the landscape for new ways to update your practice to help your clients develop new levels of effectiveness.

Our in-depth research on leadership agility, which builds on the “integral” perspective pioneered by Ken Wilber, Bill Torbert and others, reveals that, as leaders grow, they evolve through “levels of agility” that correspond to well-established stages of adult development. As leaders develop through these levels, they become more strategic, collaborative, and creative, and more proactive in learning from their experience.

The Leadership Agility Coaching Workshop is a highly interactive experience for seasoned coaches, which shows you how to help leaders develop to their next level of growth. Through brief presentations, lively exercises, and group discussion, you will learn all the basics of this sophisticated stage-development approach to leadership coaching.

Learning Outcomes

In this workshop you will learn, both cognitively and experientially…

  • A multi-stage framework of leadership development, based on the extensive research underlying the book
  • How to collaboratively diagnose a client’s current stage of leadership development and level of readiness to transform to the next stage
  • How to help clients activate the “level of awareness and intent” needed to facilitate their growth, either in their current stage or into a new level of leadership development
  • How to diagnose a client’s “power style,” how power styles evolve through different stages of leadership development, and what it takes to help clients develop power styles that will allow them to develop more collaborative relationships
  • The Leadership Agility Compass, a tool that focuses coaching conversations on four essential spheres of leadership agility: Context-setting agility, stakeholder agility, creative agility, and self-leadership agility
  • What it takes to facilitate a client’s leadership development from the Expert level (where research shows about 45% of managers operate) to the Achiever level (where about 35% of managers operate) and from the Achiever to the Catalyst level, where only about 10% of today’s managers operate

Workshop Outline

On the first day you will explore …

  • The leadership agility levels by engaging in a stimulating group exercise, where you’ll experience the Expert, Achiever, and Catalyst levels from the inside-out and the outside-in
  • How to diagnose a client’s current agility level and readiness to move to the next level
  • The central principles of Leadership Agility coaching, including how to sequence your use of the framework for maximum effectiveness
  • How to coach a client through the Expert-Achiever and Achiever-Catalyst developmental transitions, as we work together on participants’ real-life coaching challenges

On the second day, you will learn and explore …

  • How to work with the Leadership Agility Compass and your client’s level of awareness and intent
  • How to help clients develop a more effective power style (balancing assertiveness and receptivity)
  • How to incorporate everything you have learned by working on a variety of coaching cases, volunteered by participants

Workshop Leaders

This workshop is led by ChangeWise principals, Bill Joiner and Debbie Whitestone. Bill is the co-author of Leadership Agility. Both have extensive coaching backgrounds. They have taught this workshop, and the 6-month Learning Group upon which it is based, many times.

Workshop Availability

On August 22-26, 2016, we are offering this workshop under the title, “Developmental Coaching for Leadership Agility,” at the Cape Cod Institute in Eastham, Massachusetts.

The Institute has a delightful summer format: Sessions take place each morning, Monday-Friday, leaving you free to hit the beaches and explore Cape Cod in the afternoon and evening.  To register, click here.

We also provide in-house versions of this workshop for organizations who want to train their own coaches in this approach.

If you are interested in hearing about future public workshops OR if you would like to discuss the possibility of having us provide an in-house workshop for your coaches, please fill out the registration form below:



If you have additional questions about the workshop, contact Debbie Whitestone

Comments From Past Participants

I found the Leadership Agility Coaching Workshop very enlightening and an excellent use of my time. Bill and Debbie gave clear presentations of the Leadership Agility framework, including an explanation of the research from which it was derived. They interspersed conceptual material with experiential exercises, which made the framework accessible and immediately useful with my own clients! I recommend it to anyone involved in coaching leaders.

Anne Litwin, Anne Litwin & Associates

I’ve read quite a few books on leadership, and typically approach new ones somewhat skeptically. Leadership Agility really surprised me, and resonates very strongly with what I view as the critical elements to effective 21st century leadership.  The Leadership Agility Coaching Workshop strengthened my coaching skills and really drove home for me the practicality and usefulness of this approach to leadership development. I recommend it highly!”

Dan Haile, Convergent Leadership

The Leadership Agility Coaching Workshop provided me with a great opportunity to learn from peers/colleagues who are also learning to use the Leadership Agility model in organizations. I especially liked the use of real-life case studies and learning from each other. I also gained a working knowledge of the multiple layers of the model. The workshop was fantastic — extremely valuable.

Mark Cappellino, Primary Leadership

Comments about Learning Group on which this workshop is based …

The Leadership Agility framework is cutting edge. It gave me new insights and methods for coaching leaders in all sectors. The Leadership Agility Coach Learning Group is a great way to internalize the material and get support in applying it.

Jeff Clanon, Director of Coaching, Society for Organizational Learning

I enjoyed the sessions very much — especially how the richness of our individual experiences was woven together with the Leadership Agility material. The stage-development perspective underlying the approach is my favorite coaching framework to date.

Jim Dezieck, independent OD consultant

Bill Joiner is an invaluable coach of coaches. No matter what I bring to the group, he always adds something valuable and thought provoking.

Marion Freiberg, independent coach

The Coach Learning Group completely fulfilled my expectations. It was emotionally supportive and provided a stimulating series of opportunities to discuss and apply an important and dynamic topic. I am grateful for how much I have grown, not only professionally but also personally, as a result.

Bob McElwee, independent coach