Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Leadership Agility and the Greek Economy

During the second half of April, Debbie Whitestone and I were asked to come to Athens, Greece.  I spoke about Leadership Agility at an event arranged by an outstanding organization called CEO Clubs of Greece.  We also led two Leadership Agility workshops.  One was a public workshop sponsored, again, by CEO Clubs of Greece, and another for executives in a pharmaceutical company.

I wasn’t really sure how the message of Leadership Agility would be received there, given the country’s dire economic crisis and the huge temptation in a crisis to focus only on the short term.  However, we found that our message was very well received.  In fact, they evaluated the talk as the best ever for their organization.  One participant wrote a blog post, making some interesting connections between Leadership Agility and the challenge posed by the economic crisis in that region.

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