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Leadership Agility in the UK

January 28, 2007 by
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This month saw the publication of our article, “Developing Agile Leaders” in the UK journal, Industrial and Commercial Training. Some excerpts from the article abstract:

Design/methodology/approach – The study on which this article is based included a total of 604 subjects. Of these, 384 were participants in previous research studies that identified each manager’s “stage of ego development” as measured by the Washington University Sentence Completion Test (SCT). The other 220 managers, who provided in-depth case studies, were clients, interviewees, or evening MBA students, whose stage of ego development was also assessed.

Findings – This study identified five levels of leadership agility, each of which corresponds to a stage of adult ego development. It also resulted in the discovery of four leadership agility competencies (context-setting, stakeholder, creative, and self-leadership agility) and eight underlying capacities that evolve as managers develop from one level of leadership agility to another.

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