Thursday, February 20th, 2020

ChangeWise Leadership Agility 360

Great meeting today with Bernie Cullen and George Klemp, partners at Cambria Consulting. As a result of this meeting, Cambria and ChangeWise have decided to join forces to develop a 360 instrument based on the research that went into Leadership Agility. This will be an online, research-based instrument, the first to provide 360-feedback on a manager’s level of leadership agility. The assessment will cover three distinct leadership “arenas:” Leading organizational change, improving team performance, and engaging in pivotal conversations.

Cambria is an acknowledged leader in developing 360s, and our philosophies about 360s and their use are well-aligned. Cambria was founded over two decades ago, under the inspiration of Harvard professor David C. McClelland, the acknowledged founder of job competency assessment technology. Cambria began with a focus on competency modelling and its HR applications, and over the past twenty-plus years it has grown into a robust “HR solutions” firm.

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