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Agile Leadership for IT Projects

September 12, 2007 by
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For those who haven’t yet discovered it, there’s a very robust movement afoot in the IT world called Agile. The original focus was on identifying and promoting agile methods for developing software. The focus has since expanded to include agile project management, agile leadership, and agile organizations. (This interest in agile organizations dovetails with work that’s been going on among certain organization theorists and practitioners since the 1990s).

The Agile Journal (a respected online journal dedicated to the agile movement) has just published an article I wrote on the connections between Leadership Agility and the kind of leadership needed for agile projects. Specifically, the article shows how our distinctions between Expert, Achiever, and Catalyst levels of leadership agility can be used to enhance the leadership of agile teams and projects. The article is called “Three Levels of Leadership Agility.”

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